Ingezonden stukken, door Nigeriaanse oplichter

Ingezonden stukken, door Nigeriaanse oplichter

Dear Brethren in the lord     i came across  your e-mail address as i was going through the internet  and i believe by faith that you can  help 80 bibles to us for our spiritual growth,  I am a pure Muslim and and i am also a student. so one day someone gave to me a wonderful biblical leaflet , so one  cool evening i started reading this leaflet, after reading this leaflet four times i was sincerely touched and i realized that am a lost sinner living in darkness and i need Jesus in my life so that i can be saved and gain eternal life, then i went down on my kneels and prayed to God that he should save me, dear brethren in the lord right now i am convinced and converted to a living church where the true word of God is been preached, brethren, sincerely now i can now see the true light of the world which is Jesus the savior of the world, i have accepted him as my only lord and savior, brethren i can now see a great change in my life and also in my family, i have been baptized and my new name is now john (praise the lord), dear brethren i did not keep these testimonies within myself but i passed it unto my  other Muslim brothers sisters friends and relatives by telling them about the saving grace of God and his goodness and that Jesus is the way the truth and life there is no any other way a man can be saved, brethren to God be the glory about 79 brothers and sisters are now convinced became born again and has received Jesus Christ as their only lord and savior, time cannot permit me i could have numbered the names of all the brothers and sisters but please do pray for us, and we also want to request 80 BIBLES from you because we all don’t have BIBLES to read Gods word , brethren that is why we are writing you this day , brother we all need you good help for 80 bibles,

dear brethren please and please for Christ Jesus sake kindly send to 80 of us, 80 COMPLETE HOLY BIBLES THAT CONTAIN THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT AND OTHER GOOD CHRISTIAN LITERATURE, may the lord bless and uphold you all in Jesus name, we look forward to here from you in the soonest of time, here goes our address  G P O BOX 2094  IBADAN OYO STATE NIGERIA 23402 THANKS JOHN KENNETH e mail [email protected]

–> Ons antwoord, aangezien we dit soort brieven altijd in het kader van transparantie in het openbaar behandelen. 

Dear Nigerian Scammer,

Here we copy and paste the holy copy, in a PDF containing the Requested Bible.

You can buy 80 e-readers and copy this document 80 times to the e-readers.

May the holy copy bless your scams and your local police 80 times.

#COPYME *Lucifer

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