Police Used to Discourage Free Speech & Freedom of Religion

Police Used to Discourage Free Speech & Freedom of Religion

source: http://youtu.be/aaSLxL15c7k

We now live in a Police State! The first amendment is dead, police are now rounding up citizens that pass out anti Obama literature or promote religion. Last month, the ACLU issued a news release highlighting the activity of a fusion center in Texas as the latest example of inappropriate police intelligence operations targeting political, religious and social activists for investigation, in particular Muslim civil rights organizations and anti-war protest groups.

The MIAC report does not concentrate on Muslim terrorists, but rather on the so-called militia movement and conflates it with supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, the so-called patriot movement and other political activist organizations opposed to the North American Union and the New World Order. The MIAC document is a classic guilt by association effort designed to demonize legitimate political activity that stands in opposition to the New World Order and its newly enshrined front man, Barack Obama.

In September of 2008, Missouri sheriffs and prosecutors organized truth squads to intimidate people opposed to Obama and threatened to arrest and prosecute anybody who ran misleading television ads. Missouri governor Matt Blunt eventually denounced the use of police state tactics on the part of the Obama-Biden campaign.


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